Acrylic Sheets

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Acrylic sheets are a popular material used in various applications

Acrylic, also known as Plexiglas, It has superior weathering properties compared to many other transparent plastics. Lightweight and flexible, clear acrylic sheet is stronger and safer than glass and provides a cheaper alternative that’s suitable for use indoors and outdoors.
Acrylic is a versatile plastic material with a range of colors, thicknesses, finishes and sizes available, also with a variety of purposes and benefits.
From durable signs, displays, and shelves, acrylic plastics provide outstanding versatility, durability, and aesthetic qualities.
Two types of acrylic sheets are available: cast and extruded. The difference occurs during production when the liquid acrylic flows out of the reactor. The cast version is poured into a flat sheet. The extruded sheets are rolled to thinner thicknesses after pouring.

Our approach

High Clarity, Impact Resistance

Acrylic sheets are much stronger and more impact-resistant than traditional glass, making them less likely to break or shatter. This feature makes them ideal for applications where safety is essential, such as in the construction industry and in commercial settings.

  • • 92% light transmittance
  • Strong and stiff
  • Easy to fabricate
  • Easy to thermoform
  • Easy to machine
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Easy to bond
  • Good weathering
  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • POP displays and exhibits
  • Architectural glazing, skylights
  • LED-diffusing lighting panels
  • Transportation applications
  • Brochure holders
  • Shelves and retail fixtures
  • Transparent manifolds
  • 1000*2000,
  • 1050*2050,
  • 1220*1830,
  • 1220*2440
  • 1250*1850
  • 1250*2450
  • 1550*3050
  • 1580*2560
  • 1830*2440
  • 2050*3050
  • Thickness: 1-50mm
  • Color: White/Colorized/Clear/Matt/Customized


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