6. WPC Flooring

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WPC is a Wood Plastic Composite material, alluding to the core of wood fibers, foam and plastic stabilizers. This approach created a 100% waterproof flooring option that still offered comfort underfoot due to the thick core and a layer of LVT. The foam in the core of the planks helps reduce sound transmission and while it may not be as dense as SPC flooring, durability is not a concern.


1. Easy to install. WPC flooring can be installed on large surfaces, with no trims or supports, which offers very aesthetic finishes, with hardly any joints. In addition, like other L’Antic Colonial floors, it has a click system, so it is quick to lay, resistant to traction and with no opening between joints.
2. Non-slip. In this sense, WPC flooring offers all the safety guarantees for traffic.
3. Silent. Especially when compared to laminate flooring: the structure of WPC flooring absorbs impact noise and ensures maximum sound reduction capacity.
4. Adaptable. Due to its characteristics, this type of flooring does not need to acclimatize to the temperature and humidity of its new environment. In addition, its mechanical performance remains unalterable over time.
5. Ecological. Most WPC vinyl flooring is manufactured with recycled and low-emission products, making this material environmentally friendly.
6. Resistant. This type of flooring is considered highly resistant to impact, weight, stains, scratches, and wear and tear from traffic/use.

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