2. PVC Fence

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) fencing is a modern alternative to traditional building materials such as wood, concrete, clay and metal. PVC fencing has become one of the most popular modern fencing options.

PVC fencing can be used to add privacy to your backyard, pool enclosures, and perimeter fences. With easy installation, posts connecting the 8ft (W) x 6ft (H) panels are installed into the earth for stability. PVC gates, hinges, and latches are also available to create a full perimeter of fencing. The panels of the PVC fences are also paintable if another colour is preferred. 

Vinyl fence & Railing — is an excellent, low-maintenance alternative to wood fencing. Wood fences must be treated, painted, or stained on a regular basis and need to be maintained from weathering every year.


● Virtually maintenance-free. It less maintenance than a wood fence, and never needs sanding, staining, or painting
● Wide variety of styles, and colors. BODO® now can produce white and tan color
● Easy to install, Pre-assembled, no special tools required.
● Adds beauty and privacy. To your home or garden
● Lifetime limited warranty

Technical data:

  • Ranch Rail:2″x6″ 2″x8″
  • Rail Post and Cap: 4″x4″x6′ 5″x5″x7′
  • Privacy Fence Panel and Gate: 6’x6′ 6’x8′
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