5. SPC Flooring

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SPC is Stone Plastic (or Polymer) Composite flooring.It is a type of luxury vinyl flooring with a stone composite core. It combines a mixture of PVC and stone powder.
This results in particularly resistant flooring, which is more stable to temperature changes and less demanding in terms of floor planimetry than other floorings. .


1. Easy to install: SPC flooring boards snap together like laminate boards and float above the subfloor. No glue or nails are required.
2. Durable: A wear layer protects the design layer, resisting scratches and damage from ultraviolet light.
3. Comfortable: Most SPC flooring planks and tiles feature an underlayment cushion for comfortable walking and some heat and sound insulation.
4. Lots of design choices: Designs mimic various types of hardwood and stone flooring, as well as geometric patterns reminiscent of old-style linoleum and vinyl sheet flooring

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