4. PVC Moulding

PVC molding products are durable and easy to install. They can be sawed, drilled, nailed and glued like wood. PVC moldings is more flexible than wood. Baseboard PVC moulding—at the junction of an interior wall and floor to protect the wall from impacts.

BODO® Trim is easy to work similar to wood, but much less maintenance than wood. BODO® Trim is available with a smooth finish on both sides, or texture on one side and smooth on the other. BODO® PVC trim is high-performance trim product, it can be sealed edges based on your requirement. Over time, dirt will collect on the edges but a sealed edge allows the dirt to be washed off easily. Crown Moulding provide a variety of application and aesthetic options. Traditionally used at the junction of a wall and ceiling, they can also be combined with other profiles to create classic build-outs and ornate decorative effects along the rake, above windows and doors, and at the capital and base of columns. Casing profiles are decorative mouldings typically used flush against a wall, door or window to create surrounds. They can be used as a single moulding profile or combined with other profile styles to dramatically transform window and door aesthetics. Sill &Drip profiles can be used as a brick ledge or water table to separate two different material veneers. These profiles also offer architectural detail and assist with water management around doors, windows and cladding. Bead board is the perfect choice for porch cellings and soffit applications, as well as for wainscot trim in bathrooms, laundry rooms or other high moisture interior areas.


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● Low Maintenance, long-lasting
● Easy to work with
● Water, moisture, and termite proof, fire retardant
● Can be cut, nailed, drilled, glued, and painted just like wood
● No need to be painted, unless desired. When used outdoors, painting is recommended for maintaining color consistency for a longer time
● Lifetime never rot
● Lightweight, high-cell density
● Sealed edges available




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